Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Other Side of Me

Collections:  Although I have been an avid quilter for the better part of 35 years (!)  I attended my first major quilt show only last November.  If you haven't been to the Houston Quilt Market, or any of the other huge shows, then you really have no idea what has been happening to quilters and their art form since the 1980's.  Forget your grannies double wedding ring, it would be taken to new heights in the hands of any one of these artisans.  Hundreds of talented quilters share their works and submit to the scrutiny of amateur and professional judges, knowing that their work will be seen by countless thousands.  The calibre of the work is truly humbling and at one point I was ready to throw out my needles and threads and give up my attempts all together.  Apart from the inspiration that you can get at one of these major events, you can also find supplies and materials ranging from yard goods to threads, embellishments and dyes to help you achieve your own unique work.  For those of us wishing to hone our skills, classes for every level are accessible too.  I hope to include a quilt collection on the textile tour of the U.K. next year.  Remember to mark your calendars for the Spring of 2012!

Two of my favorite pieces.  I still can't believe that the parrot was made from fabric and not painted!

Recollections:  Over the years, many of my own works have been given away as gifts.  A wedding, a baby, or a 90th birthday, all seemed like the right reason to share my work.  Some, I have managed to hold onto including the few shown here.

Ambitions:  Their always seems to be current projects.  I like to work on several different things at once.  A simple but striking combination of yellow, white and red.  I'll be keeping this one for my stash.

Details of the wall hanging for an embellishment workshop that I am giving to my sewing group.  "Crazy for You" is the title of a workshop on embroidery, beading and applique for crazy quilting.

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